5 advantages you should know about biometric access control

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Biometric systems are increasingly positioning themselves as one of the main identification methods applied to access control, do you want to know why? We reveal some of its main advantages:

They are highly reliable systems.

Biometric access control is one of the most reliable recognition systems since it is based on each person’s unique biological qualities. In the case of voice biometrics, for example, the physical characteristics of the vocal tract have unique characteristics in each person.

The identifier is personal, unique, cannot be lost or stolen.

Biometric access takes into account the unique features of each person. Continuing with the example of the voice, the system generates a unique and unique vocal footprint for each speaker.

With a low maintenance cost.

Once the installation is done, one of the advantages of biometric access control is that it has a much lower maintenance cost compared to other identification systems since it does not need keys, cards or other devices.

The user is familiar with the use of voice in systems.

For several years now it has been possible to speak to mobile devices, new cars have incorporated voice command systems, and smart TVs and other domestic technologies have also been able to receive spoken messages. Interacting with machines by voice is simple and natural, which is why its use is becoming more extensive and users are already familiar.

They substantially improve the image of the company.

Another advantage of biometric access control is that it provides the company with an image of innovation, modernity and avant-garde. It is an indication that the company is capable of adapting to changes and evolving.

Among the different types of biometric access systems, one of the most widespread is that of voice recognition. The many arguments in favor of voice recognition technology include the ability to authenticate identity without contact (which is very advantageous in places where there is dirt or bad environmental conditions) or the possibility of remote authentication