Advantages of installing an electric Garage Doors in Trinidad

electric Garage Doors

If you are thinking of installing an electric door in your garage, consider the following aspects.

Today many people choose to install electric gates in their garages for a safety issue. Given the situation of violence and crime that exists in some cities, it is understandable to want to reduce risks as much as possible so as not to be the victim of an assault. Therefore, having the possibility of opening the door by remote control without leaving the car is something that sounds very attractive.

Advantages of installing an electric door in the garage

As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the main reasons we can be motivated to install an electric door in the garage is to improve security. It is important to note that these types of doors have a variable code, which means that no other remote control will operate on the same frequency. Although it is true that no system is infallible, it substantially reduces the risk that the entrance to our garage will be violated.

Modern electric doors have a motor equipped with an obstacle detection system. For example, if we opt for a shutter door with this technology, it will have the ability to rise again if it detects or brushes an obstacle in its path. This is very helpful because accidents with young children or household pets could be avoided.

Comfort is another factor to consider, since it becomes tedious to have to open and lower the door every time we are going to use the car. If we suffer any pain or injury to the body, we would be unable to lift and lower a shutter-type door, without neglecting the time savings and ease of joining the routine.

Finally, the offer of electric doors for the garage is very wide. We can choose from a wide variety of options that fit the style of our house, leaving aside the heavy and traditional metal gates that have a very poor aesthetic. To the above, the benefit of better management of the interior space is added. For example, if we decide to install a shutter or swing door, we will not have to worry about leaving the side areas free in the garage and we will have a greater area to store our tools and other objects.

Also, the installation process of an electric door is easier than it seems. After the selection process, taking measurements and the considerations for the electrical installation, it will not take more than a couple of hours to assemble.

installation electric Garage Doors

Disadvantages of installing an electric door in the garage

Like all electrical mechanisms, this type of garage door requires more frequent and specialized maintenance. If we contract the installation with a company, we should make sure that they offer periodic maintenance of the system.

Depending on our cleaning habits in the garage or the conditions of the place, there is the possibility that the electric garage doors may have certain faults. The specialists recognized that most report calls are solved with a clean and superficial review. Normally, the cause of a door not opening or erratic behavior is the accumulation of dirt, animals and other types of obstacles.

Among the factors that may discourage some from investing in an electric garage door is price. Their cost is higher because they require a sophisticated electrical mechanism compared to a manual gate.

electric Garage Doors


Electric garage doors provide numerous advantages and few disadvantages. Firstly, they are an option that has a direct impact on comfort and safety, so the investment is worth it to increase the “shielding” of our home and give greater protection to our loved ones.

Although the cost is higher, we cannot ignore that its useful life is very long. The initial price of its purchase and installation is amortized in a reasonable time, although it is advisable to evaluate different options in the market to obtain the best cost, quality and service.

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